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Cool! Just send us an email to with your form.

  1. Send us an email with your "form text". You can use any of the example texts below.
  2. Your form and online database are created, and we'll reply you with a private link.
  3. That's it. Now just send out form emails and replies are collected back into your database.

Create & Collect Forms Directly From Email

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Create your form by email

The fastest way to create an (online) form: simply type out your form in an email to us. We create a form and database for you.

Collect data from replies

People simply reply to your email, filling in the questions. No need to follow any links. Still prefer a shareable web form? That's available too!

View results online

We magically extract and parse the answers from the email replies, and put them in an online database for you.

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Improve response rates. People simply reply to your survey or form email with their favorite mail program. No need to click any links.
Fast way to collect data. Create a new form in seconds. If you can send an email, you're already an expert.
Great for marketeers, managers, etc. Send out and collect surveys, timesheets, reimbursement forms, testimonials, and much more.